Working in India: Edoardo Rapezzi

We’ve two wonderful people from Italy who are a part of Pepper’s International Work Experience Program. We thought we’d hear from them about their experience, not just for work but about India as well! Bringing you the thoughts and experiences of the 24-year old Edoardo Rapezzi. 


Life is strange. When I was thinking about my professional future, I never thought I would have made a working experience in India. And still, here I am.Edo

Everything changed in the last 12 months, when I decided to take part in a master’s degree in Communication for International Relations. This decision changed my point of view and my perspectives, it literally globalized my mindset.

In this period, studying communication in all its nuances, seeing and understanding how fast the Asian market, and especially the Indian one were growing, I took this challenge out of my comfort zone.

Co-operation between businesses in India and the rest of the world has increased dramatically in recent years, and much has been learned. As I arrived in Bangalore at the beginning of July, 2018, I got even deeper this air of change, and here at Pepper Interactive Communications they helped me from the first moment to understand the different and mixed cultural issues India has, following me through my first professional experience approach on these, giving me some basics to start with, basics that were able to give me the overall idea of how Public Relations in India actually work.

Communication and Public Relations, everywhere, see different levels of depth and here, so far, I am learning how to dig in this levels to find the best way to communicate with clients but, also, simply with people. This, obviously, together with the learning of the technical communication, PR and Marketing tools.

Attending some meetings, events (such as the launch of a brand’s new saloon in the city) and interviews, getting to know all the company’s clients, what they deal with and, mostly, what Public Relations require in these cases, I had the chance, so far, to put into practice the themes I’ve studied within my academic career, such as marketing and communication plans, social media and digital marketing, project planning and social media managing.

I’ve put my knowledge into practice especially by working on the regular aspects of Public Relations, planning the social media regular content production. I’ve begun understanding the media landscape – studying the types of publications – from the financial ones to the tabloids – that might have been viable for different clients. I’m planning stories with various media organisations and creating storytelling based on the communication strategies for each client; engaging in research and also drafting required collateral for clients.

So far, then, I couldn’t be more satisfied of the choice I made, with the hope, but also with the certainty that here, at Pepper, in such a good environment, my career will have its crucial first step.


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