5 Tools that PR Professionals Love

As PR professionals, most of are juggling multiple clients and need to keep track of various things. You need to be able to share things with the media at one-click, and edit documents on the go (Atleast, if you do not want to be stuck in front of a computer all the time!)

Google has made our lives a lot easier. And they do feature heavily in our tools that make life easier.

  1. Google Drive: 
    It is strange how many people do NOT use this year. Drive makes saving, editing and sharing documents easier. You can organize the files into specific folders, and what’s better, you can disable downloads for specific files and allow ‘view-only’ options!
    Word documents, Excel, PDFs or Powerpoints, it can all be done here.
    Some people prefer Dropbox, which does have the feature of setting a password and an expiry date for the link, but you need to have a premium account And of course, editing the document is not possible.
  2. Google Keep: 
    A PR Professional’s life is made up a million tiny tasks. Following up for a story, a memo to call someone, a specific note to mail a client. Of course, you can use a calendar. But it makes it easy to use this little notepad, which comes preinstalled on some Smartphones. You can share the note with relevant people, edit it on your phone or the desktop, and even install a little plugin for your browser.
  3. Pocket: 
    A lot of people installed Pocket a while ago, but it became a dusty bookshelf. A place where you save articles to read but never go back to it. For PR Professionals, this tool can actually help bookmarking articles relevant to your client, or for your own interest. You can share it with your team, add your little notes and story ideas.
  4. Canva:
    PR needs visual images. If your company does not have a functional art team, or if you cannot bug them for a small image you need for a presentation, Canva comes to your rescue. This free photo-editing, poster-making tool allows you to make quick, professional-looking images with captions in less than 5 minutes. It has a range of paid images, but you can work with the free ones for unlimited posters, presentation covers, reports and more!
  5. Easel.ly:
    Infographics is a big part of the PR storytelling. Don’t waste hours trying to put together an attractive infographic. Just try Easel.ly!



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