Starting My Journey with Pepper: Aditi

When I started at Pepper, I came in with a very little knowledge of traditional PR. In a span of mere few weeks here, I have seen the working world of PR with a whole new perspective. I got the chance to engage in different activities – Client servicing from a PR perspective, working on new client development, interacting with journalists, making pitches, editing articles, discussing strategies, developing plans and what not.

To capture my experience here, I have written a tiny amateurish poem. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my first few weeks here at Pepper.

A new journey has taken its course

New milestones to pass, new challenges to solve

New milestones to pass, new challenges to solve

But certain nervousness has surrounded me

What if I can’t fit in, what if I can’t evolve

The doubts will be there for sure

But the mates are playing a huge role

They boost my confidence, elevate my spirits

And help me through things I can’t control

Whether it be for finding an accommodation

Of just a new assigned task

They help me through the learning

And enjoy an evening full of joyful flask

We discussed maggi, we discussed Hritik

But not just for fun

We dug deep into their PR strategies

And how it impacted them in the long run

We also mitigated a mild crisis along the way

As if it was no big deal

I learned you cannot control everything here

There might be times when things go out of reel

Talking to clients always get me excited

As I also sat on that side of the table

Learning about different journeys and they expectations

And how their brands are like their Cain and Abel

Anyway, still it’s a long road ahead of me

A lot of avenues left unexplored

May it’s be as exciting as it has been

And the both me and pepper’s growth is aboard


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