Journey of a Newbie

When I came into the field of PR, I had a vague idea of what it truly entailed. I imagined it was a glamorous domain, with events and parties and the lot – generally what is seen to the outside world.

In my first week, I saw varied glimpses of that. I visited the set of a dance reality show, with celebrity judges. There were hours of standing in the sun while the shoot happened, but it seemed like a pretty cool job.

In the next few weeks, however, I slowly learned the reality. I learnt that PR was never as glamorous as I expected it to be. On one side, we have clients who have a specific requirement, and the media on the other side who have a particular editorial quality to maintain.

Even though I thought I was fairly adept at communications, I am learning the finer nuances of this art. I learnt that anyone could write a mail, but drafting a pitch is an art. Each mail that I write is unique. Each press release that I draft is different. And it was all new to me.

A couple of months down the lane, it seems that I have got some idea of what the job entails.

The definition of PR has gotten better in my head, but I still find it hard to explain. If I have to explain to someone who doesn’t know what PR means, perhaps I would say this:

You look at the newspaper every morning? On the first page, there is a full-page advertisement by an e-commerce giant. The company has paid quite a bit for the ad. But you skip the page without a glance, because you know that it is an ad and someone has paid and bought that space. However, if you read an article about the same company, where a reporter talks about the company and its products, you would believe it. You’d think that the newspaper who is publishing the news is authenticating it to a certain extent. It is my job to get that little article for my client. It is my job to ensure that my client, who they are and what they do seems worthy of being written about, without diluting the company’s message. It is a large part of my job. As PR personnel, we have connects with several media. We know who would be the right person to contact for a certain kind of news. We know how to pitch to them, the tone they are comfortable with and in some instances, what is the best time to contact them!

Of course, there is a lot more to that. But those will come in the days ahead.

About the Author:

Shraddha is a new entrant to the field of PR. A well-traveled, food lover, she intends to explore the field of communications, with all its ups & downs.

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