Creating a Social Media Strategy – Part 1

A brand’s presence on social media is mandatory. It is the way a brand can communicate directly to the target audience. You can share messages, engage with them and create a more realistic brand image. Editorial mentions are harder to come by, and many the smaller updates you would like to share often get lost in editorial media.

Social Media can share more subtle messages directly with the target audience.

For instance, if you are a beauty product… a body lotion of some sort. Editorial reviews, product mentions will not mention the minor points that your potential customer might want to know. For instance, is it really oily? Can you wear it to work? What are the flavours / scents available? Where is it available? What’s unique about the bottle?

These are things you can communicate directly.

Before venturing into your social media campaign, answer these three questions:

  1. What do you want to communicate
  2. Who do you want to talk to
  3. What is your long-term objective

Your campaign can now be based on the answers to these questions.

Choosing Your Platform

This depends on WHO you want to talk to. Is your audience extremely young? Or is it versatile? Is it generic? Is it restricted to the urban population?

There are innumerable social media platforms. The big brothers – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest.

The new kids on the block – SnapChat, Vine, Periscope, Bloc etc

And of course, blogs and other platforms like Reddit, Tumblr etc

Do Not scatter your communication. Each of these platforms need nurturing and monitoring. The content needs to be developed according to the platform.

The biggest mistake companies & brands do is by adopting a single formula for all platforms. Would you talk to all your friends the same way? No! So how can you expect a single formula to work everywhere?!

Choose a limited number of platforms which would suit your resources and budget. Remember, each platform requires a marketing budget as well!

Developing a Campaign

Now that you have your platforms, identify a campaign.

Develop a plan (perhaps on excel sheet) where you outline the strategy based on what kind of message you want to share in the first phase of the campaign.

Continuing with your body lotion example, perhaps your first step is to attract people towards you. For this, you’d need attractive visuals. You’d need a strong, attention-grabbing message. Identify a key point, based on your market research.

Perhaps you want to talk about the price. Perhaps you want to talk about the scent.

Divide your campaign into 2-3 objectives. Detail the content and image to be shared on each platform. Every day. Yes, by this we mean write it down on an excel sheet. You’ll be able to identify patterns easier and see if there are some errors. Is there a flow to the campaign? Are you following a good story telling platform?

Time works differently in social media. Divide your campaign to a couple of weeks, with one single, strong message each week. Think of yourself on the receiving end. If you have liked a page, would you get bored with similar messages for an entire week? Keep it short. Keep it interesting.


Social media is a visual platform. People’s attention spans are getting shorter and images talk better than a few hundred words.

Before you begin executing your campaign, plan your artwork and design it. Identify the important days in the calendar you want to focus on, and create additional artwork on that.

Ensure that you use licensed images or your own photographs.



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