What Are You Doing Wrong With Your Website?

It takes approximately 20 minutes to create a website today. Might not be a good one, but yeah, a website talking about you.

There are plenty of website builders today that help you create your website from simple templates. Check out wix.com for instance.

The question, however, is about what makes a good website. Websites are important for any brand. It is your calling card, an address, a key factor in gaining trust.

If you are a small business, or a startup, your website says a LOT about you and how you think.

  1. The UI
    Today is all about UI – user interface. A good website has an easy and attractive UI. Basically, something where the visitor does not have to dig a million pages to find what they are looking for. This is one of the reasons why one-page websites became really popular. But a single-page website does not necessarily mean great UI.
  2. A Clean, Simple Design:
    What’s the worst thing you can have for a website? A cluttered, over-loaded site. The kind that feels like you walk into a loud room when you are hungover. Keep it simple. Keep it clean.high-school-sports-in-mississippi
  3. Lack of Information in the ‘About’ Section:
    A person is visiting your website to get more information about you. The lack of a well-written content can be a downside. Your ‘About’ Section needs to be a cohesive story about the brand, the people behind the brand, the services you offer and other details that the public would want to know. This is also where you convince the people about who you are and your legacy.
  4. No Address:
    Yes, the world is digitized but everyone still has an address. And the lack of an address indicates (to some) a sense of rootlessness. What is to stop you from disappearing overnight? Where do they find you? Where do they send you their Diwali or Christmas Cards?
    You would score brownie points if you add a map with a little pointer, in case anyone wants to drop by. Of course, you can add a little note saying ‘meetings by appointment’ only.
  5. Typos:
    You said ‘graet’ instead of ‘great’. Big deal, right? Yes! It is a BIG deal! Your website is your baby, and if you cannot pay attention to your own details, then how good would you be with the client?
  6. Bad Fonts:
    This does come under the UI, but it deserves a special mention. Choose the font and the colour carefully. Make sure it works for all platforms. Light colours and fancy fonts are a strict NO!
  7. Bad Mobile Website Design:
    Almost 40% of your viewership comes from mobile platforms. This means your website needs to be responsive, and easy to navigate even on a cell phone or tablet. Don’t have big social media icons floating and blocking navigation and crucial buttons. Don’t have menus that need the touch of a magician to access.
  8. Bad Stock Images:
    We are not going to explore copyright issues in this post. But we will talk about stock images. Have relevant, good stock images for your website, not stuff that you stole off the internet. Good photographs capture the attention easier.
  9. Annoying Pop Ups:
    There is no good reason to have pop ups. None. ‘nuf said!
  10. Annoying Animation & Music that cannot be turned off:
    Contrary to popular belief, animation and music does not make your site fun. Infact, it can make you annoying. Imagine the website loading and loud music playing in a quiet office, and the whole office knows that you are not working.
    If you would really like something different, try a parallax site. Yes, you cannot use a template for these but a parallax website is a beautiful way of telling a story and each site is different. The flip-side is that these are not entirely compatible with mobiles, but there are some workarounds for that as well!

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