The World Ahead

Do you remember the time when you were reading about a house where everything was automated and you thought it would be really cool? The house where at the moment the alarm went off, you’d stumble into your bathroom with heated tiles and hot water, come out to the coffee brewing hot and perhaps the TV on to your favorite news channel?

Your car is piloted to your driveway the minute you enter the elevator, the channel tuned in at the volume you like, and your phone telling you if you should take an alternate route due to traffic pile ups?

Your refrigerator reminds you to pick up more milk, or better yet, has ordered milk from your regular portal along with other required vegetables. You order the other things you need with a tap on your phone, and your entire life is so seamlessly coordinated?

This is no longer a fantasy.

With the multitude of apps available, you were able to order food, groceries, clothes and gadgets home in less than a minute.

Now, with Internet of Things, you can do much much more!

Internet of Things

What is “Internet of Things”? Does it draw an image of a weird set of things whatsapping each other and hatching plans? Well… vaguely around there!

IoT is machine-to-machine communication. It has been around for a while, but only in the recent years if when it has opened to various devices, harnessing the power of cloud computing, better cellphone and internet networks. It is the next step leading to “Smart Cities” and Smart everything!

Can IoT Work in India? 

It is already at work in India! CISCO announcing Asia’s first End-to-End IoT hub in Bangalore, India in 2014. It will encompass smart parking, smart surveillance, street lighting, water management etc.

A city that communicates through the network making it easier for its citizens.

That is on a bigger level.

How will IoT help you? If you are living in a city like Bangalore, and an app aficionado like I am, you are probably already a part of the IoT hub.

The apps I use, the networks I am on are synced closely to make my life easier. There are reminders for appointments, simple things like grocery lists etc. I get updates at set hours about traffic, I even get updates to buy birthday gifts, with a list of things chosen already.

If one would want to ramp it up, there are plenty of Smart Home settings available. Little switches that plug into your home, making your normal 2-bedroom in an ¬†unnamed flat a ‘smart home’. These apps can entirely map your life… the geyser is on and hot when you wake up, the coffee maker is working by the time I get out, my regular programs are recorded if I am not at home. The lights go on if I’m late getting home, and switch off at regular hours if I want to. I can set the light to suit my mood, set the alarm from whatever part of the world I am in and much more.

True, it is scattered but one day, it’ll all be one big machine working in the back.


Are you sacrificing your privacy to make your life easier. The simple answer is yes.

There are arguments about cloud security and how nobody is collecting or viewing your data. But the thing is, if it is stored somewhere, someone is collecting it and analysing it. But this is a price that you have to pay.

Why Are We Writing About it?

We are wondering how this synchronised life will affect communications. With set patterns of behaviour, Branding Specialists will have so much more data to play around with. This is with the assumption that some data will be available to advertisers.

Highly targeted ads on your internet radio channel, on your smartphone, in your apartment complex.

News articles that are curated for interest levels, or based on the areas that you travel / live in. Your world broadens and narrows at the same time.

And as communication specialists, how do we deal with it?

Image Credits: Pinterest (To be updated when the initial source is found)


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