Facebook Ads for Page Likes

Facebook is a company, which means they need to make money as well. They have a lovely way of doing it – they say that they will show your page to others if you pay them. While this makes sense in theory, Facebook Ads have proven to be notoriously unreliable.

There are two ways of getting Facebook likes – one is through Facebook ads, where a page like will cost you anywhere from Rs. 2 to Rs. 10.

The other is through “Like Farms” – where a like costs you about 10 paise. These are ‘real’ people whose primary job is to ‘like’ pages. So they like your page and go away, never to be seen again but you’ll have those big numbers.

But you’ll practically get no engagement, and worse, your organic engagement will be really hit!

So if you are a new company, yet to become a nice international brand, we would strongly suggest do not go for Like Farms. Not to mention this is illegal according to FB Rules.

Facebook Page Like ads, though legal, are no better. Particularly if your business is in a place like India, Bangladesh, Egypt etc. Why? Apparently a lot of the like farms are located in these regions. And to avoid being detected by Facebook, these guys also go and like other pages. Just for fun, you know. And business.

Here’s how it works: You set up an ad, targeted to people in the age group of 25 – 30 years in the cities of Bangalore & Delhi, with education specified as Masters & above, and specific job titles as well. Think you’ve got all your bases covered?

You start noticing that there are random people from Indore, Baroda and other smaller cities ‘liking’ your page. They are not a part of your targeted ads, they have no common link with anything that you’ve set up but they seem to form a major chunk of the likes. You cannot do much about it, and maybe you are even happy that you are getting all these additional likes.

You hit a 1000 likes in a week and you stop the ads, and now you are focused on engagement. Except, even with 1000 people on your page, nobody is seeing your content, nobody likes your posts. You think there’s something wrong with the posts, you try everything possible and not a single one of your posts is getting any engagement or reach.

A little note about how the Facebook algorithm works: When you put up a new post, Facebook shares the post with a small group of people. If these people engage with the post – like, share or comment – FB says your post is worthy and it shares it with more people. But if nobody interacts with the post, FB says your post is not worthy and it just sinks into the dark belly of FB.

If majority of your FB followers are fake accounts, then there is no engagement from these accounts. But FB still considers them ‘accounts’, so your engagement falls flat.

Then you decide to boost your posts. Which meant get you a little bit of visbility, but notice the kind of people ‘liking’ your posts? Are they your target audience?

This becomes a cycle – boost posts, boost page, boost posts…

If you are really keen on doing Facebook Page Like ads, there are ways to entirely hone down the list so you get an 80% real people hit rate. It is better to engage a social media agency, since they have the expertise and the reach to such people.

Specify to the agency that you do not want like farms. You want engagement. It is better to have 10 organic likes on a page than a 100 fake likes.

It is a slow process, but it is a healthier option than just wasting money on ads without any actual brand awareness, engagement or reach.



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